TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2001.10.05 19:52 "Autoreplies", by Joris Van Damme

Hey people,

Getting tired of receiving a bunch of autoreplies for every message I sent to the list, I've been considering bombing some countries and starting a world war, shouting 'God bless the mailing list'... but that would probably be over-kill.

Instead, I've decided to 'autoreply' the autoreplies. Perhaps if these people find their mail box full of my auto-reply-replies when they get back (do they ever?), they will realize they cause a lot of waste traffic and/or get equally annoyed.

This is my auto-reply-reply:


Being a member of the TIFF mailing list, you probably know that the multitude of autoreplies that polute mailing list message traffic is a problem. Please make sure no autoreply messages get sent to mailing lists.


I urge anyone that is equally fed up with these autoreplies to do the same.