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1997.06.03 02:36 "Write Raster Image --- libtiff", by Ivo Welch

I just joined the mailing list, because I have a simple, one-time but urgent need. I need to read a BW image, apply a transformation, and write it. I got libtiff, the docs, etc.

The html docs nicely tell me how to read the tiff image into a raster array (which I then plan to manipulate). But the docs fail to tell me how to write the transformed raster array to a new TIFF file. (I do not much care about details---any standard compression will be fine.) Instead, I see tons of details and I cannot seem to succeed in writing without a core dump.

So, if anyone has written such a function

        TIFFWriteRGBAImage( (uint32 *) raster,
                uint32 w, uint32 h )

(i.e., corresponding to the simple TIFFReadRGBAImage example in the html doc), it would help me if you would kindly share it with me.


/ivo welch

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