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1998.02.10 10:09 "Year 2000 compliance", by Torben Lundberg
1998.02.10 13:55 "Re: Year 2000 compliance", by Bjorn Brox

1998.02.10 13:55 "Re: Year 2000 compliance", by Bjorn Brox

We are currently using Tiff library 3.4 and 3.5 beta on AIX 4.1.

Do you know whether these libraries are "Year 2000 compliant"?

The only part of the library that has anything to do with dates is the DateTime tag which is a string you can read and write from TIFF.

The tag itself is only informative and the content does not have any influence on the functionality of the library.

The TIFF standard states that this string should be excactly 20 bytes including a terminating '\0' and have the format "YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS".

The library have a check on the size of this element, but not the content, and if the application is following the standard which operates with four digits for year there should not be any problems.

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