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2000.02.03 02:57 "Trying to compile Tiff source on AIX 4.3.2", by Craig Bennett

I am having some trouble getting TIFF 3.4 to compile:

I have pulled down the jpeg and zip libraries as reffered to in the docs but I have two problems:

I cannot find any gz library, even though I have built and installed zip and gzip

When I cannot seem to specify the location of the jpeg library correcly

I have libjpeg.a in /usr/bin and the headers in /usr/include

but the following line in configure

DIR_JPEGLIB=-L/usr/lib -ljpeg           # dir for IJG -ljpeg

gets me this message:

The JPEG library directory, "", does not seem to exist. This must be corrected if the JPEG support is to be enabled. Either fix the pathname or disable the JPEG support.

when I run configure.


Craig Bennett