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2001.10.07 18:31 "TIFFSetField(tiffFD, TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION,COMPRESSION_LZW);", by Jianping Zhu
2001.10.07 21:57 "Re: Patches", by Joris Van Damme
2001.10.07 20:40 "Patches", by John Huttley
2001.10.08 01:11 "LZW", by Jianping Zhu
2001.10.09 05:42 "Re: LZW", by Andreas R. Kleinert

2001.10.09 05:42 "Re: LZW", by Andreas R. Kleinert

I am now working on a project to tranlate a system form unix to VC. This code


can excute well in unix and I can also copile in VC, but when I run my program it give an error info says "access violation".

COMPRESSION_LZ /*5: Lempel-Ziv & Welch */

Can anybody give me some suggestion how to fix this problem.

>I need compress tiff images in the Evironment of VC++6.0, Do I need to get
>permission or download other stuff in order to have this code


>work in VC++6.0, because LZW compression in TIFF patented.

>Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

When your code linked properly - as it seems - your problem is NOT missing LZW en/decoder code.

For a LZW license, the Unisys website is a good starting point (but I think Google and "Unisys LZW license" is as good). I have the URL somewhere, but not at hand ATM ;)

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