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2002.03.20 16:37 "Changing Orientation Tag", by Erika Nesse
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2002.03.23 05:38 "Re: Changing Orientation Tag", by Tom Lane
2002.03.25 14:05 "Re: Changing Orientation Tag", by Erika Nesse

2002.03.20 16:37 "Changing Orientation Tag", by Erika Nesse


I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that changes the orientation of tiffs by toggling the orientation tag, instead of actually changing the order of the data?

The reason I'm asking is that I would like to convert some files which have a non-standard value for their orientation tag (due to the somewhat over-helpful scanner which created them) to the standard value, so that they do not show up in different orientations depending on whether the viewing software implements the orientation tag or not.



Erika Nesse
University of Michigan Digital Library