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2001.10.01 11:20 "", by Cecilia Rodrigues
2001.10.01 12:59 "Re:", by Joris Van Damme

2001.10.01 11:20 "", by Cecilia Rodrigues


I Have a .tiff file,and i want to append a header(IFD) to it along with the data of another file to same one, than how do I calculate the Stripbyteoffset ( i donot want to use tiffcp() ,because it requires both the file to exist in tiff format, and the data of the second file is available in Bitmap form which i would be converting to tiff,just by appending my data followed by the IFD.

I need to specificy the offset i.e offset of where exactly the data will is there any method to calculate the stripbyteoffset?????