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1999.10.14 09:09 "[Fwd: recommended strip size]", by Helene Danlos
1999.10.14 10:52 "Re: [Fwd: recommended strip size]", by Peter Nielsen
1999.10.14 11:36 "Re: [Fwd: recommended strip size]", by Klaus Bartz

1999.10.14 11:36 "Re: [Fwd: recommended strip size]", by Klaus Bartz

Hi Helene,

if someone has problems with your file and cannot find any other ugly thing, he can use this recommendation to fight with you. That is the problem, not a bigger strip.

Today you get no benefit from stripped. Most viewers will load the whole image and then a monolithic images can be loaded faster.

At 1992 ( the writing date of revision 6.0 ) we would happy with 16 MB RAM; today we are very angry with 128 MB RAM.

If you will handle big images( > ~ DIN A0 400 dpi 1 bpp or DIN A4 400 dpi 24 bpp ) tiled is better then stripped ( but most viewers do not support it in the right way).


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