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1999.12.21 14:58 "libtiff and DSOs under AIX", by Andrew Furlong

Posting the results of this to the list for anyone who is interested. Originally sent this to Mike and Frank last week; Mike's response is attached at the bottom. I'm going to use the gcc compiler and bypass the DSOs entirely, it seems to be the simplest thing to do.


> Hi,
> I think there may be a bug in the configure script for libtiff, with
> respect to AIX 4.2.1 on RS6000 type machines. I've noted this on both
> the 3.4 beta037 and 3.5.2 versions.
> I've compiled both versions of libtiff using both the C compilers we
> have (gcc 2.8.1 and IBM's xlc, which is the standard 'cc'). The gcc we
> have does not support DSO libraries, and for that version I have no
> complaints. However, the xlc compiler does support DSOs, so the library
> is generated as such and the tiff tools are compiled linking in the
> library ../libtiff/libtiff.a. But when I try to run one of the tiff
> tools (specifically tried tiffinfo), I get the following error:
> "Exec() failed: cannot execute tiffinfo for the following reasons:
> cannot locate library ../libtiff/libtiff.a"
> This happens if I run the command from anywhere as "tiffinfo tiffile".
> It also happens if I use the full pathname to the command. It doesn't
> even work if I cd to the directory in which the command was installed,
> and run it from there - unless for that directory the
> ../libtiff/libtiff.a relative path is valid.
> There's no opportunity in the config script to reset the library link
> step inclusion pathname to be a fullpath - or even just to the libtiff.a
> filename, on the assumption that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
> variable is set properly to locate the libtiff.a once installed.
> Is this a bug? Is there a version released which corrects this? (Or am
> I completely out to lunch here, which I admit is a possibility?)

And Mike's response:

> Here's the answer from my resident AIX expert. I'm inclined to follow
> his advice. I, too, was never able to get Perl to build non-staticly.
> How horriblle would this make the tools under AIX?
> Subject:
> AIX box at home (forwarded message from Andrew Furlong)
> Date:
> Mon, 20 Dec 1999 15:44:44 -0500 (EST)
> From:
> "R. Bernstein"
> To:
> References:
> 1
> Funny, I was just about to junk the AIX box. (Recently I switched over
> to using the Sun Box.) You are in luck in that it runs AIX 4.2.1.
> Of course, I use egcs. It looks like gcc 2.8.1 is the pre egcs/gcc
> merged code. As for xlc, all I have is a very very old compiler back
> from the AIX 3.x days when xlc was bundled with the operating system.
> No way was I going to pay for a compiler even though I worked on
> it. (Now if the guys had bought me lunch when I was leaving...)
> Anyway, enough of me and back to the problem at hand. Between the xlc
> that I have and the one that you buy with AIX 4, the object format
> changed. As you may recall, I've never been able to get shared object
> support working with Perl. There is supposedly some sort of upward
> compatibility between AIX 3 & 4 object formats.
> As for a "fix," probably the simplest thing is to force non-shared
> libraries on AIX until someone knows how to fix. There is an ldd
> for AIX. It is not part of the standard distribution, but from the guy
> who's work was used to make Perl shared objects work. I think the
> closes AIX equivalent is something like dump -h. Anyway the guy should
> run that to see what it shows. And of course a log of the build
> process would be nice.
> But if you are undaunted and want to waste countless hours on a (slow)
> AIX box, with a little work, I could probably set you up an account
> and put the thing on the net, but I'm not sure you really want to
> start futzing around with AIX and shared library support which has
> been a bit of black magic unless you have AIX 4 xlc.
> P.S.
> rpm vs deb's forwarded to geek since it seems of general valuable use.

Mike, Thanks again for looking into this.