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1999.10.14 14:55 "TIFF Version validation", by Bill Comstock
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1999.10.14 14:55 "TIFF Version validation", by Bill Comstock

I'm interested in putting a large collection of TIFF images through a validation process, one that tests each image against a series of rules and reports whether it conforms to the TIFF standard and also which version of the TIFF standard it complies with. In other words, I'm looking for a utility that can report which TIFF version a particular TIFF file conforms to. If there is not such a utility, how would one know which version TIFF s/he is producing?

My immediate need is to check a large collection of bitonal TIFFs, though I would like to be able to test grayscale and color images also.

Many thanks,

Bill Comstock