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2002.01.24 15:39 " Web Page", by Ed Grissom
2002.01.24 15:54 "Re: Web Page", by Frank Warmerdam

2002.01.24 15:39 " Web Page", by Ed Grissom

TIFFers -

Occasionally we get requests from customers asking us about our TIFF implementation, specifically the JPEG implementation. I'd like to refer them to the TIFF Tech Note 2 document. However, it appears that the link is broken.

On the page, there is a link to TTN2, but it points to

This file comes up 404 - Not Found

However, if you edit it slightly, it finds it...

(change the 'd' in "Node" to 't' for "Note")

I did not want to bother the list about this, but on the main page, the links to Frank and Mike both have problems. Frank's link also comes up 404 (for me), and Mike's link never gives an email address.

ed grissom