TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2000.03.31 11:36 "Complex Floating Point", by Antonio E. Scuri

If TIFF has support for Floating Point, it should give also support for complex numbers. Since most floating point usage are for scientific applications, and many scientific applications do need complex number, most of them result of Fourier Transforms.

Up to 6.0 TIFF spec does not consider complex number. I do not know the TIFF 7.0 spec, but if it considers complex numbers we could adopt it today.

There were no comments about the TIFF 7 spec on this, but there were many other interesting suggestions.

In fact we can use the SamplesPerPixel Tag, which is less compatible. Or we can use 2 IFDs, one for the real part and one for the imaginary part, this is more compatible but the data is disassociated. Or I can always provide both solutions as an option to the user.