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1999.10.21 10:38 "Zip/Deflate", by Iain Harris
1999.10.21 12:16 "RE: Zip/Deflate", by Gilles Vollant

1999.10.21 10:38 "Zip/Deflate", by Iain Harris

I've joined the list as I'm having trouble decoding a TIFF that has apparently been written by tifflib using the ZIP/Deflate compression.

Is it possible that I'm using a version of tifflib that is too old? It seems to have an LZW decode function.

Can anyone tell me of any known issues with tifflib and this format?

Finally, where should I download the most up-to-date version of tifflib from.



P.S. If anyone is interested I could email you the file in question to try :).