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2004.10.01 16:41 "[Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Ian Ameline
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2004.10.04 18:49 "Re: [Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Andy Cave

Hi All.

If we use a new extension, given "jpg & jp2" I would vote on "tif & tf2" (as opposed to png (worse) or btf or tf8). However, even there, jp2 is because it's named JPEG2000 from which the jp and 2 come from which is not quite the case here. I would still vote for .tif[f].

Since customers are mentioned, imagine what a customer is going to say:

sales person - "you should upgrade to v2.x 'cause it supports tf2/tf8/bigtif/..."

customer - "oh - I've never heard about that - what is tf2/tf8/bigtif/..." sales person - "hum - actually it's tiff" customer - "ugh? why's it called tf2/tf8/bigtif/... then and not tiff?" sales person - "hum... 'cause it's bigger" customer - "what do you mean it's bigger?" sales person - "it allows for larger image/file sizes" customer - "oh - so it's a tiff file, but bigger"

sales person - "yes, you've got it"
customer - "so how big is big"
sales person - "it's very big..."


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> Does anyone want to attempt to impartially summarize the key arguments for > and against keeping the extension as ".tif"?

I'm assuming that minimizing customer confusion and inconvenience is main thing that we're all aiming for.

(Incidentally, I'd like throw into the ring "TIFF2" as the name, and ".tf2" as the extension, if we decide to do a new extension. "BigTIFF" and ".btf" sounds a little goofy, 8-byte TIFF and ".tf8" is a little too technical.)