TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

1998.04.07 15:06 "Bug report for v3.4", by Tim Smith

In TIFFWriteNormalTag, there is no case for TIFF_BYTE. The case for TIFF_UNDEFINED works correctly for TIFF_BYTE is you add a case statement. I found this when extending tifflib to handle a Photoshop produced file.

        case TIFF_BYTE: //Tim added
        case TIFF_UNDEFINED:
                { char* cp;
                  if (wc == (u_short) TIFF_VARIABLE) {
                        TIFFGetField(tif, fip->field_tag, &wc, &cp);
                        dir->tdir_count = wc;
                  } else if (wc == (u_short) TIFF_VARIABLE2) {
                        TIFFGetField(tif, fip->field_tag, &wc2, &cp);
                        dir->tdir_count = wc2;
                  } else
                        TIFFGetField(tif, fip->field_tag, &cp);
                  if (!TIFFWriteByteArray(tif, dir, cp))
                        return (0);