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1998.04.09 18:40 "Memory Leak", by Pengcheng Zou
1998.04.09 20:16 "RE: Memory Leak", by John Tran

1998.04.09 20:16 "RE: Memory Leak", by John Tran

<rtc> Memory Leak (mel):
Found leaked block of size 8192 bytes at address 0x11b258
At time of allocation, the call stack was:
        [1] TIFFBufferSetup() at 0xef6e393c
        [2] TIFFWriteEncodedStrip() at 0xef6e319c

With only 8192 bytes, you can probably ignore it. However, I think that bcheck on solaris works best when you compile without optimization (and with -g).


TIFFBufferSetup() at 0xef6e393c

is anything but helpful. I would suggest recompiling the tiff library and then re-run bcheck.

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John J. Tran <> -- a Merced DA flavor, medium well.