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1998.03.01 22:38 "libtiff bugs v3.4beta037", by Randy Scarborough

Writing from home please respond to <>

I'm using v3.4beta037 to write 4 bit separated CMYK Tiffs and ran into a small problem writing single strip (actually 4 strips, 1 per plane) output. We like big strips because they require less disk access (faster reads).

(Enclosed is a modfied "tif_write.c" that solved the problem for me but I'm sure there may be a better solution. to find the mods and comments search for "RKS")

I know that 4 bit planar (1 bit per plane) CMYK files are frowned upon in the TIFF spec but hey they work really well in our situation. We use them as the base format for our super wide (5', 8' 10' & 16') format billboard printers. The TIFFs are created by our RIP and are read by code on an embedded CPU. We need to read, shift and rotate approx. 4.5 MB in less than 2 seconds.

I hope the mods to tif_write.c help, let me know.

Randy Scarborough
Senior Software Engineer
Signtech USA, Ltd.
210.436.4777, ext.568