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1998.05.20 14:51 "Zones", by Shelley Wortley
1998.06.03 15:01 "Re: Zones", by Helge Blischke

1998.05.20 14:51 "Zones", by Shelley Wortley

I have a need for a function that can analyse TIFF images, which will be of scanned periodicals (Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters etc.) I need to look for whitespace as a guide to creating zones (OMNIPage 7 has this facility - but is very limited in quantity (64) and anything more complex is rejected immediately.) To explain further, these files are scanned on one side of the world and sent electronically to a _very_ large data warehouse processor which would dissect each file. (The zones containing text would then be OCR'd and the graphics would then be many pages of one new TIFF file.)

The only problem with my request is that I am... a VB programmer, and not too conversant with C, beyond DLL declarations and all that... sorry.

I hope someone can help.

Sheldon Wortley.