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1999.05.07 11:11 "", by Matthew Lunnon
1999.05.07 16:53 "Re: lines in PostScript", by Helge Blischke

1999.05.07 11:11 "", by Matthew Lunnon

Hi all,

I'm converting a 1bit bw TIFF file into an eps, using tiff2ps, and then embedding it into a ps file. When this gets ripped on a film output device I find that there are some very feint horizontal (or vertical, if I play at rotating things) lines which appear on some of the graphics. I can get these lines to move/disappear by rotating the images so I don't think that they are in the image. I can get several different RIPS to produce the lines, my suspition is that it is a problem with the core of most RIPS which is apparantly common and written by ADOBE (so it must be right). Can anyone help, Im beginnning to lose my sanity on this one.


Matthew Lunnon

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