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1994.07.31 20:58 "Help me", by Daehyon Kim
1994.08.02 15:46 "help me", by Daehyon Kim

1994.07.31 20:58 "Help me", by Daehyon Kim

Dear members,

I am trying to make a program to copy from TIFF format to TIFF format as a file on the PC ( on the DOS ).

I have got C source cord for PC, which is made by Craig A. Lindley, who is author of the " Practical Image Processing" ( Copyright 1991, by John Wiley & Sons, Inc ).

When I have complied with a source cord ( tiffcp.c ) ,which is on the public domain, on the PC, there was no error. However, when I run the program, the out file is something wrong with strip offset. Even though it works very well on the UNIX.

I would very very appreciate if anyone could give me some information, such as e-mail address of the author, FTP address where other source cord for PC is available, any method to contact to author.

Please e-mail me. I am not yet on the mailing list.

Best Regards
D.Kim ( )