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1998.12.01 17:17 "MH coding", by A. Grisard
1998.12.01 21:40 "Re: MH coding", by Frank D. Cringle
1998.12.02 15:41 "MH Coding "on the wire"", by A. Grisard

1998.12.01 17:17 "MH coding", by A. Grisard

On Dec 1, 1998 Frank Cringle wrote:

> All of the codes are unique and no code is a prefix of a longer
> code (by definition).

Where do I get a detailed description of the MH coding scheme including all the run length codes? How are the line and page endings coded?

Arnab mentioned a piece of windows software he called 'Sam's shareware' What software is this?

Thank you

A. Grisard