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1999.11.01 12:42 "grayscale tiff", by Em Latti
1999.11.02 02:24 "Re: grayscale tiff", by Niles Ritter
1999.11.02 10:35 "Re: grayscale tiff", by Ivo Penzar

1999.11.01 12:42 "grayscale tiff", by Em Latti


I have a ccd camera with a software package that saves TIFF images as grayscale images, but they have 16 Bits Per Sample. (The TIFF6 standard only allows 4 or 8 bits per sample - so most readers can not read the images, or convert them to 8 bit images, but then the image contrast is lost). What is the best solution for this problem? (without losing the information contained in an image)


em latti
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