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2008.05.16 21:24 "[Tiff] 32 bit samples", by Garry Petrie
2008.05.17 16:34 "[Tiff] 32 bit samples", by Garry Petrie
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2008.05.17 16:34 "[Tiff] 32 bit samples", by Garry Petrie

Resend my question. Guess this list only likes plain text?

From: Garry Petrie [] Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 2:25 PM To: '' Subject: 32 bit samples

I was wondering if anyone has experience with

This web app can produce geotiff files containing digital elevation data for
any place in the world using data from the space shuttle SAR mission. The
format of the tiff portion of the file contains 32 bit samples, not sure if
they are longs or short floats. Using libtiff I get the message about not
being able to handle 32bit samples from getimage. I know the web site
produces good image files, as I have been able to view the files with
AdobePS. I peaked at alpha 4.0 and it seems to have the same critical code
as 3.8.2. Are there great obstacles in enabling this function? I am willing
to spend some time with the code, but I don't want to become an expert.