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1997.03.06 15:47 "Different problem when linking", by Hairong Qi

Hi, all,

When I wanted to compile gif2tiff.c, using:

cc gif2tiff.c -L/LIBDIR -ltiff -lm -I/INCDIR

I met the following error message:

Undefined                       first reference
 symbol                             in file
TIfFSetField                        gif2tiff.o
__eprintf                           /ncsu/imagetools/lib/

I tried several ways, such as,

  1. add -static to the compile instruction, error message is: cc: Error: -a conflicts with -dy.
  2. use the libtiff.a library only (same error message about --eprintf)

I'm working on SunOS 5.4, tiff-v3.4. Anybody know how to solve it?


Hairong Qi

Hairong Qi
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