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1998.06.11 15:09 "Damaged Tiff files", by Scott Kennedy
1998.06.19 22:43 "damaged tiff file update", by Scott Kennedy
1998.06.20 08:54 "Re: damaged tiff file update", by Frank D. Cringle

1998.06.11 15:09 "Damaged Tiff files", by Scott Kennedy

Pardon this message if it's coming to the wrong group, as I work on Windows NT not UNIX and am not using the software this list is devoted to, but I have a more general question. I am not an expert on Tiffs or Tiff coding.

I was recently given 7 damaged tiff files that were created during a hard drive crash and asked to see if I could salvage them. By looking at the code, I can see that a large portion of the beginning of each file was overwritten with nonsense, but the ends of the files are similar to the ends of other non-damaged tiff files.

Is there any way to repair such files (i.e., splice in a valid tiff header at the start of the file so that it can again be read as a tiff) to try to salvage part of the image, or are these simply trash now? I would appreciate any of your thoughts.

Thanks, Scott Kennedy