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1994.11.21 04:24 "", by Parasuraman Nurani

I recently installed FlexFax 2.2.2 on my PC running Linux. The FlexFax itself is fine and so far I have had no problems sending or receiving fax messages. I bring up the fax server while the system gets booted. When the fax server is running I am unable to use kermit or seyon (a communucation package). When kermit or seyon run they either come up with an error message "cannot initialize modem" or in most cases when I try to dial a number kermit or seyon are unable to do so and they come back saying "dial aborted." At this point if I kill the fax server process even then kermit or seyon are unable to dial. The only alternative that seems to work so far is to reboot the system after commenting the line in rc.local file that is used for running faxd server. Now I can use kermit or seyon properly when the fax server is NOT running.

The problem to me looks like when faxd runs it either locks the modem or does not allow other processes to accesss it. But FlexFax instructions tell me that is NOT true. FlexFax is supposed to share modems with other communication packages.

Could you please tell me how to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance,

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