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1997.06.02 13:43 "JBIG library", by Caspar Evans
1997.06.02 22:27 "Re: JBIG library", by Tom Lane
1997.06.04 08:15 "RE: JBIG library", by Caspar Evans
1997.06.03 09:13 "Re: JBIG library", by Dr. Klaus Bartz

1997.06.04 08:15 "RE: JBIG library", by Caspar Evans

Thanks for that Tom. Looks interesting. FYI, the patent license is $5000 ("blocking patent only") and $15000 ("blocking and other relevant patents"), both flat fee, royalty free, unlimited use. I'm not entirely sure what the cheaper options means you aren't allowed to do, tho'. It's probably somewhere in the docs....any idea anyone?

With regard to TIFF, JBIG is a datastream compression algorithm without a file format, but the JBIG alliance (thanks, Dr.Bartz) want to put JBIG into TIFF in a similar to JPEG. To quote from the JBIG Alliance White Paper "What JBIG currently lacks is a standard implementation for storing JBIG-compressed data in popular file formats such as TIFF. The JBIG Alliance is addressing this issue, and expects to announce a recommendation for JBIG in TIFF during October 1996." So an extension to libtiff may make sense, although the patent issue is a bit off-putting.

Hope I'm not veering off topic.

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