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1996.12.11 02:01 "Confusing TIFF Tags", by Hugues Talbot
1996.12.11 10:17 "Re: Confusing TIFF Tags", by Niles Ritter
1996.12.11 18:31 "Re: Confusing TIFF Tags", by Sam Leffler

1996.12.11 02:01 "Confusing TIFF Tags", by Hugues Talbot

Hello All,

I'm confused by (at least) one thing in Sam's library. Some tags, like the SampleFormat tag (#339), which help interpret each data sample in a pixel, should be associated with as many values as there are samples per pixel, according to TIFFv6.0

Yet Sam's library allows to retrieve only one value for this tag per subimage, regardless of the number of samples. The TIFFGetField function should return an array of values, not a single one.

There are other examples, like SMinSampleValue, SMaxSampleValue, etc.

Is this a known libtiff limitation or is this a policy? in any case where can I find some documentation about these puzzling facts?

Thanks a lot.

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