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2000.08.29 05:44 "multi page tiff problem", by Gaffer

I have a system running libtiff 3.5.5 under NT, just recently the system broke because of a slight change in the input tiff source from unisys.

i did a quick hack through my code, made sure it wasnt a problem caused by myself - then found that the second tiff page fails to read properly at this place in the tiff_read.c in TIFFillStrip:

        // screws up here ... ?
        if ( td->td_stripoffset[strip] + bytecount > tif->tif_size) {
      "%s: Read error on strip %lu; got %lu bytes, expected %lu",
       (u_long) strip,
       (u_long) tif->tif_size - td->td_stripoffset[strip],
       (u_long) bytecount);
   tif->tif_curstrip = NOSTRIP;
   return (0);

it seems that the strip size is incorrect, so i did a quick search on google and i think i found somebody else with a similar problem:

as in his case, by image fails only on the second page, and works when read in image previewer, OnDemand Viewer, and kodak image viewer.

What i'd like to know, is this a libtiff bug, or more precisely, does libtiff fail to work around this bug (where other viewers work around it). Is there an easy fix to this problem, or will i have to go back to my clients and tell them that the source image is garbage and we cannot process it?

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks in advance.