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1998.06.10 10:15 "LIBTIFF version 3.4", by Dominique Chabaud

Dear Sir

I'm a french Developer and I wrote a development kit for Windows 16 and 32 bits (DLL and OCX) for reading, manipulating and displaying many bitmap format (PCX, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and other...). My TIFF reader is not perfect and I would like to write 2 DLL (16 bits and 32 bits) based on your libtiff library.

I work with Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52 for 16 bits developments and Visual C++ 5.0 for 32 bits developments.

Under VC++ 5.0 I success in compiling libtiff files to obtain a ".lib" file (with many warnings) and in compiling tiffdump and tiffinfo tools.

Under VC++ 1.52 (compiling for 16 bits environment) I get a lot of warnings and errors when compiling libtiff files. I succeed in correcting some of them but I get surprise in one error which can be useful for you I think: In TIFF.H file I see the define of TIFFTAG_FAXMODE and TIFFTAG_FAXFILLFUNC larger than 16 bits and get an error when compiling TIF_FAX3.C on the declaration of faxFieldInfo because field_tag of this structure in only 16 bit.

I wonder why TIFFTAG_FAXMODE and TIFFTAG_FAXFILLFUNC and define larger than 16 bits when according to TIFF specs a TIFF tag is always 16 bits (tdir_tag field in TIFFDirEntry structure in TIFF.H file).

I would like to know if libtiff library can be compile with a 16 bits compiler. I think so because I saw a tif_win3.c file but perhaps I need to configure something?

Thank you in advance for your response.