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1997.01.09 12:28 "BITSPERSAMPLE question", by Sven Devriese
1997.01.09 16:23 "Re: BITSPERSAMPLE question", by Tom Lane

1997.01.09 12:28 "BITSPERSAMPLE question", by Sven Devriese

Hello all,

I've only recently joined this list so I may be about to ask a question that was already answered before. If so, please don't flame me, just tell me. :)

From what I understand of the TIFF 6.0 spec (pg. 28-29), a TIFF implementation should be able to cope with different bit depths for every channel. After looking at the sources, I think that libtiff doesn't allow this.

Am I correct? At the moment, this is not much of an issue to me, but it may become one in the future.

Thanks for your time,