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1995.01.24 01:18 "Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki
1995.01.24 18:29 "Re: Integrating TIFF extension", by Sam Leffler
1995.01.25 01:34 "Re: Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki

1995.01.25 01:34 "Re: Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki

  1. YCbCr files cannot be read by scanlines, but reading by strips works as expected. However, in libtiff there is no way to specify which particular sample to load if PlanarConfiguration is 2. Or is there? Tile-based YCbCr files should work, but I have no files in that format.

If PlanarConfig is 2 (separate planes) then individual samples are in different strips/tiles; to get a particular sample you read the appropriate strip/tile.

Sure, this sounds obvious. However, when I want to load a tile, I specify which tile _and_which_sample_ of that tile to load via TIFFReadTile(). TIFFReadStrip(), however, does not accept the sample number as one of its parameters.

So, how do I indicate to libtiff which strip sample to load? Or does it simply concatenate the samples?

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