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1994.12.28 19:39 "", by Subbarao Chalavadi
1994.12.28 19:39 "", by Subbarao Chalavadi

1994.12.28 19:39 "", by Subbarao Chalavadi


Can someone help me. I have the following questions.

1.) HOw can i convert a tiff image to a postscript format so that it can be printed on to a postscript printer (Hewlett packard Laser jet). I know there is a utility called tiff2ps on the anonymous ftp site at But when i tried that saying tiff2ps junk.tiff(where junk.tiff, is the tiff image containing one IFD) and tried to pipe to a file called Then i tried to view it using pageview utility on Sun SparcStation running solaris 2.3. Then the pageview utility complained, that something is missing in the converted postscript file. I don't why it is doing like that. Similarly when tried to print it onto a Hewlett Packard postscript printer, nothing was printed.

Basically i should be able to print tiff files containing multiple IFD as well as tiff files containing single IFD.

Also if my tiff image is in compressed form, would tiff2ps will work. Becos i would be extracting the images from a blob space in the database. These tiff's are in compressed form.

Also does the tiff2ps utility converts each and every byte of tiff file to a postscript fashion or it just puts the postscript header and tailer.

Any help and any clues or any pointers regarding this will be of great help to me. Thanks once again

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