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1995.01.24 01:18 "Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki
1995.01.24 18:29 "Re: Integrating TIFF extension", by Sam Leffler
1995.01.25 01:34 "Re: Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki

1995.01.24 01:18 "Integrating TIFF extension", by Adam Rybicki

I have been trying to integrate YCbCr TIFF support into my project by using libtiff and I ran into some inconsistencies between the spec and libtiff (this may be the fault of my erroneous interpretation of the spec, in which case I need to be corrected.)

  1. According to the spec, BitsPerSample (quoting from memory) is supposed to be an array sized by the sample count to allow different number of bits per sample (e.g. R,G,B = 5,6,5 bits respectively.) Libtiff always treats BitsPerSample as a single quantity. Is libtiff somehow "normalizing" the BitsPerSample to the greatest element of that array?
  2. YCbCr files cannot be read by scanlines, but reading by strips works as expected. However, in libtiff there is no way to specify which particular sample to load if PlanarConfiguration is 2. Or is there? Tile-based YCbCr files should work, but I have no files in that format.
  3. Has anyone integrated JPEG support by using jpeglib?

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