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1998.10.15 15:00 "Building Tiff under w95", by Rajat Varma
1998.10.17 13:15 "Re: Building Tiff under w95", by Niclas Borlin

1998.10.17 13:15 "Re: Building Tiff under w95", by Niclas Borlin

I hope this mailing list is still alive. I have a question which has been asked on this mailing list before and thus apologies for asking this again. Where do I get a step by step procedure for building the tiff libraries for W95, using Borland C++ v4.5. I am a little confused as to which files I must copy from linux to w95. It is so simple for linux, I hope a similar simple procedure exists for w95.

Hi Rajat,

I have built libtiff för w95 with MSC++ 4.1. It was pretty straight-forward, so perhaps the same will work for BC++ 4.5.

I simply created a project workspace or type static library (you may want to choose DLL) and added the following files to it:

fax3sm.c, getopt.c, tif_aux.c, tif_close.c, tif_coded.c, tif_compress.c, tif_dir.c, tif_dirinfo.c, tif_dirread.c, tif_dirwrite.c, tif_dumpmode.c, tif_error.c, tif_fax3.c, tif_flush.c, tif_getimage.c, tif_jpeg.c, tif_lzw.c, tif_next.c, tif_open.c, tif_packbits.c, tif_pixarlog.c, tif_predict.c, tif_print.c, tif_read.c, tif_strip.c, tif_swap.c, tif_thunder.c, tif_tile.c, tif_version.c, tif_warning.c, tif_win32.c, tif_write.c, tif_zip.c

I also had to add the following preprocessor definitions: _WINDOWS and __WIN32__ (I think you could do with only one of them, but I don't remember), since only WIN32 was defined by MSC++.

Compiles with lots of warnings, but works OK. (As long as you avoid 16-bit single-channel data, but that's another story...)

Good luck!

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