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1998.09.25 21:21 "fix for TIFFMergeFieldInfo", by Michael O'Rourke

Sam and everybody,

I've found a problem in TIFFMergeFieldInfo in tif_dir.c.

I have used the xtiff stuff to extend tags and allow TAG_GRAYRESPONSECURVE and TAG_GRAYRESPONSEUNITS to be read. When the results are merged into the fieldinfo structure and sorted, random results exist. The tags in question are already in the fieldinfo list with the bit flag set to FIELD_IGNORE. I merge and now there are two copies, however sorting is only done in 'tagCompare' on field_tag and field_type. I believe 'tagCompare' should use field_bit as well. Of course, a better solution might be to not allow duplicates in the fieldinfo list....


Michael O'Rourke