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1997.03.13 09:27 "Re: Palette sizes", by Martí Maria
1997.03.13 02:56 "Re: Palette sizes", by Dennis Connor
1997.03.13 18:37 "Re: Palette sizes", by Sam Leffler

1997.03.13 18:37 "Re: Palette sizes", by Sam Leffler

>What am I supposed to think, this is a wrong tiff, a corrupted

file or a good and readable tiff?

Good & readable. In my experience, this is often the case. In any case, you only need the palette for the colors used......

The file is incorrect. Whether it's possible to workaround it is another question. My library doesn't currently accept colormap tags w/ an incorrect number of entries (e.g. 230 instead of 256). There's virtually nothing to be gained by not writing the extra slots in the map with 0 or some other "don't care" value.