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1998.11.30 00:00 "Bug report for TIFF library v3.4beta037", by Stuart MacKinnon

I am using TIFF Library v3.4beta037 under Win32 (not using the standard Win32 contrib code - using different file I/O classes internal to our app).

Using rgb2ycbcr I produced an image with 1:1 sampling. I then attempted to use TIFFRGBAImage (ie. tif_getimage.c) to read the ycbcr image. It crashed. The reason being that the putcontig8bitYCbCr11tile callback to decode the pixels only does w>>1 pixels - which is wrong. There is no subsampling so it should infact be doing the whole width.

More specifically:

 * 8-bit packed YCbCr samples w/ no subsampling => RGB

    (void) y;
    /* XXX adjust fromskew */
    do {
        x = w>>1;            <----------------- **** This is wrong! ****
        do {
            int Cb = pp[1];
            int Cr = pp[2];

            YCbCrtoRGB(*cp++, pp[0]);

            pp += 3;
        } while (--x);
        cp += toskew;
        pp += fromskew;
    } while (--h);

The code should be changed to make x = w


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