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2000.08.14 13:56 "fax2tiff problem to convert g3test.g3", by Tom Redman


i have a problem with the tool fax2tiff. i try to convert the file g3test.g3 with fax2tiff into a tif-file. i found this image in the archive of test images:

i build the libtiff.lib and the tools (include fax2tiff) with the command: "nmake /f" without problem.(MS Visual Studio 6.0)

libtiff-version: LIBTIFF, Version 3.5.5

then i tried to convert the file g3test.g3 with the command: fax2tiff -o t.tif -1 -p -M -R 98 g3test.g3. (like it was described in the readme-file)

i received the errormesage: g3test.g3: (null): Read error at scanline 0.

what is wrong?


Tom Redman