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2000.03.28 18:14 "fax2ps incorrect BoundingBox", by Nalin Dahyabhai

While looking at fax2ps, we've found that the BoundingBox is emitted with the height and width swapped, similar to the bug report on texfmt at "". The fix is the same (and takes less space than this explanation).

I'm testing this out right now and it looks right, but would appreciate it if someone would verify it.


--- tools/fax2ps.c      Mon Aug 16 23:07:43 1999
+++ tools/fax2ps.c      Tue Mar 28 13:02:08 2000
@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@
     printf("%%%%CreationDate: %s", ctime(&t));
     printf("%%%%Origin: 0 0\n");
     printf("%%%%BoundingBox: 0 0 %u %u\n",
- (int)(pageHeight*72), (int)(pageWidth*72));     /* XXX */
+      (int)(pageWidth*72), (int)(pageHeight*72));
     printf("%%%%Pages: (atend)\n");