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1997.03.15 03:44 "bug?", by Dr. Kam-Ming Ku
1997.03.15 15:20 "Re: bug?", by Helge Blischke
1997.03.17 18:26 "Re: bug?", by Daniel McCoy

1997.03.17 18:26 "Re: bug?", by Daniel McCoy

Bug? I doubt it!

I cannot compile tiff library using SUN PRO C!

SunPro C compiles the tiff library just fine. It has for years. You did not say anything about:

    The library version you are trying to compile.
    The compiler version you are using.
    The actual error message you got.

Without that your message is abolutely useless.

Maybe if you AT LEAST provided the error message you got when you tried someone could help you figure out what you are doing wrong.

Dan McCoy   Pixar