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1998.02.23 13:11 "TIFF validation tests?", by Dan Smith
1998.02.28 00:34 "Re: TIFF validation tests?", by Sam Leffler

1998.02.23 13:11 "TIFF validation tests?", by Dan Smith

We provide two software products; one is a RIP, which we OEM from another vendor, add drivers for our own imagesetters, and release with our own name; another is a computer-to-plate server which we develop ourselves. In one configuration, the RIP writes TIFF files which our server is supposed to input. In SOME cases, with SOME images, all of which happen to be wider than 65,536 pixels, our TIFF-reading code is unable to read their TIFF output. In all cases, Group IV compression is used.

We're maybe 60% sure the problem is with their TIFF writer, not our TIFF reader. We are not yet sure if it is a tag issue or if it is a Group IV compression issue.

What's the quickest way to resolve this issue? Are there any TIFF-file _validation_ programs? Any reliable viewers for TIFF files _wider than 65,536 pixels (Photoshop is limited to 30,000 max)? _