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2006.09.20 13:46 "[Tiff] filename changes", by Frank Warmerdam
2006.09.27 22:45 "[Tiff] tif_lzw, tif_zip - mixing reading and writing", by Frank Warmerdam

2006.09.20 13:46 "[Tiff] filename changes", by Frank Warmerdam


With some encouragement from Joris I have changed the name of the files and to and The hope is that this will make them more visible in GUI IDE's so that folks trying to manually construct projects files (for Visual Studio or Borland C++ Builder for instance) are likely to notice them and consider using them.

I think I have updated all the required files for this change, but I wanted to warn folks. I'd add that anyone doing a CVS update and build on windows is likely to see their possibly hand edited tiffconf.h and tif_config.h files overwritten since the latest files from CVS will be newer than their hand edited versions. Beware!

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