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1997.01.15 05:58 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Rajat Varma
1997.01.15 14:30 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Frank Kim
1997.01.15 15:54 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Adam Jenkins
1997.01.15 21:28 "RE: TIFFWriteScanline", by Ed Grissom

1997.01.15 05:58 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Rajat Varma

I am trying to write an image using TIFFWriteScanline.

Using TIFFSetField I could set tags for imagewidth and imagelength, how do I set the tag TIFFTAG_PLANARCONFIG for a single plane image, rather what is the tag value for that.