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2014.06.19 21:48 "Re: [Tiff] In-memory tiffs", by Olivier Paquet

2014-06-17 5:46 GMT-04:00 "Benedikt Führer" <>:

  1. I'm using the helper functions TIFFStreamOpen to try to write multi-directory tiffs into an ostringstream in binary mode. It works perfectly fine for the first directory but as soon as I call TIFFWriteDirectory the 2nd time, it will fail with the error message "Couldn't fetch directory count". What am I doing wrong here? I

I haven't use those in a long time but I think ostringstream is write-only. The only thing you can read is the completed "string". You should probably use a stringstream instead so you can both read and write. I'm fairly certain libtiff needs to be able to read back data it has previously written to a file.