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1997.03.17 21:56 "tiff-v3.4-tar.Z", by Kurt Amesbury
1997.03.17 12:31 "Re: tiff-v3.4-tar.Z", by PCisGOD
1997.03.18 02:23 "Re: tiff-v3.4-tar.Z", by Jim Merkel

1997.03.17 21:56 "tiff-v3.4-tar.Z", by Kurt Amesbury

I've downloaded tiff-v3.4-tar.Z but cannot extract the file. I've tried 3 different TAR extraction programs (I use a Macintosh).

Is there an uncompressed version on-line? Or one compressed using Stuffit or Compacter or even ZIP?

Thanks for the help.

Kurt Amesbury