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1994.08.19 14:25 "Tiff problems", by Kevin Stultz
1994.08.25 16:21 "Re: Tiff problems", by Sam Leffler

1994.08.25 16:21 "Re: Tiff problems", by Sam Leffler

I using TIFF v1.36 on a DOS machine. I got the code for John Levine's book "Programming for Graphics files in C and C++.

I'm not sure how the code that you got from this book relates to the software that I give away. There is no v1.36 of my software.

When I attempt to do a TIFFWriteScanline it displays the error message must set Planar Configuration, and I have already set the planar configuration to PLANAR_CONTIG using TIFFSetField. I do not understand why I am getting this error. I commented out the error checker in the library routine and recompiled and I am able to store a grey scale tiff file but some program are unable to read it. I was wondering if there is a bug in the library or if I am doing something wrong.

Hard to say since I don't know what code you've got (though it certainly sounds a lot of my library).

Also the documentation I have is unclear on how I should set the strip offsets tag. It says it is required but I understand how to set it. (typo above) The manual says the tag must be set but I do not understand what I am supposed to set it to.

In the software I give away you do not set the strip offsets tag directly. It is automatically written for you as a consequence of writing out image data.