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1993.11.15 18:33 "where to find libtiff", by Dan Boylin
1993.11.15 19:18 "Re: where to find libtiff", by Dan Seyb

1993.11.15 19:18 "Re: where to find libtiff", by Dan Seyb

I am trying to find a current version of libtiff. Could you point me towards an ftp site? Thanks in advance.

This pretty much says it all...

$Header: /usr/people/sam/tiff/RCS/HOWTO,v 1.12 93/08/26 18:27:03 sam Exp $

How To Obtain This Software (in case all you get is this file)

The software is available for public ftp on graphics/tiff/v3.3.src.tar.Z

For example,
    % ftp -n
    ftp> user anonymous
    ... <type in password>
    ftp> cd graphics/tiff
    ftp> binary
    ftp> get v3.3.src.tar.Z

In general, the latest version of the 3.3 release of the software is always available as "v3.3.src.tar.Z" in the ftp directory. This file is a link to the appropriate released version (so don't waste your time retrieving the linked file as well!) Any files of the form v3.3.patch* are shell scripts that can be used to patch older versions of the source code. For example, the file v3.3.patch-1 would contain patches to update v3.3.src.tar.Z. Patch files only work to go between consecutive versions, so if you are multiple versions behind the latest release, you will need to apply each patch file between your current version and the latest.

Obtaining the Software by Electronic Mail

Do not send me requests for the software; they will be ignored (without response). If you cannot use FTP at all, there is a service called "ftpmail" available from you can send e-mail to this machine and it will use FTP to retrieve files for you and send you the files back again via e-mail. To find out more about the ftpmail service, send a message to "" whose body consists of the single line "help".

What to do Once You've Retrieved Stuff

The software comes in a compressed tar file. To extract the information:

    zcat v3.3.src.tar.Z | tar xf -

(uncompress and extract individual files in current directory).

There is also a companion compressed tar file, v3.0pics.tar.Z that has sample TIFF image files. These are mostly useful in testing the software if/when you port it to an unsupported system.

TIFF Mailing List

A mailing list for users of this software is located on If you want to join this mailing list or have a list-related request such as getting your name removed from it, send a request to

For example, to subscribe, send the line "subscribe tiff" in the body of your message. The line "help" will return a list of the commands understood by the mailing list management software.

Submissions (including bug reports) should be directed to:

When corresponding about this software please always specify what version you have, what system you're running on.