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1994.06.29 11:53 "Tools for displaying TIFF-images!", by Hr.Schulte-Austum

Hi everybody!

I have some questions concerning tools to display tiff-images.

To my problem:

We try to fit multiple parts of one image into a tiff-file by defining multiple IFD's. The coordinates of each image part is given in the tags for x- and y- position. My questions is now: Exists there a tool for displaying all images in a tiff-file. XV3.0 displays only the first image in the first IFD. One solution could be a tool which allows it to display these multiple images one after another, but the ideal solution would be a tool which could reintegrate those part images with the aid of the x- and y-positions.

I would be happy if somebody could give me a hint! I am working in the moment at a SUN und Solaris 5.3.

My second question is: Exists there a tool under UNIX which allows it to cut out parts of a image. I am looking for a tool which allows to cut along a userdefined polygon (not a rectangular cut like the grab function in XV3.0). The images are in tiff-format!

Thank you kindly for all information you might give:-)