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2002.04.23 16:47 "Spec wang tiff", by Christophe Lebouleux
2002.04.23 22:30 "Re: Spec wang tiff", by Martí_Maria
2002.04.24 16:02 "RE: Spec wang tiff", by Bostrup, Tore

2002.04.24 16:02 "RE: Spec wang tiff", by Bostrup, Tore

A newer version of the Annotation Specs can be found at

I was hoping someone would post some additional information... :-> I believe there are at least a couple of other proprietary tags: 33000 and 32934. The latter seems to appear in annotated images, but I haven't really looked into it.

There is a couple of additional statements about their formats (including TIFF) at


From: Martí Maria []

I belive it is no longer available on Wang site, however I keep a copy (which I'm sending to you privately). If anybody else want it I could send it too, or place in a server...

Where I can find specification for Wang tiff (tags extension)? Thanks for your help.

  Christophe Lebouleux